About Innovate Jordan

The ‘Innovation for Enterprise Growth and Jobs’ programme (Innovate Jordan, in short) is a programme funded by the European Union.

We believe that private sector innovation can be the main driver of innovation-driven economic development.

We want to promote systematic change in the enterprise and innovation ecosystem in Jordan by piloting private sector led innovation initiatives, in three areas:

  • provide space and opportunity for innovative enterprises to scale and grow;
  • improve access to innovation infrastructure facilities, financing and services;
  • promote culture of innovation.
We will do it through three grants


An intensive programme and facility to help high-potential SMEs to grow and scale-up. It would be mix of intense training, individual coaching, access to experts, mentors, management support, and more.

Digitalization Innovation Centre - InJo4.0

A go to place/cluster for any companies, academic institutions and any other actors operating directly within a chosen sector to promote, support and facilitate innovation development activities in that sector from idea to internationalization.

Innovation Space

Private sector 'port-of-call', open to everybody who needs innovation advice and support.
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